Artists Books

I started creating visual artists books that deal with personal reflection and documentation of my life. These artists books allow me to memorialize significant times or feelings in my life. 

Heaven to Me is an artist book that reflects on the moments, people, and places that are most important to me and how finding “heaven” isn’t really all that hard to do. I documented images of my life and aimed to use certain colors and photographs to create a nostalgic and dream state as you flip through it. The spiral bind was important to me because it reminds me of the notebooks I used to have as a child where I would write down thoughts and doodles. This book is all screen printed in halftone images. 

Im Rich is an artist book I have created dedicated to the last moments of my time in undergrad and to the moments with friends and family that have made me feel rich in love and community. This is again meant to be read as a visual diary and a window into a personal and transitional time in my life.