A collage of Thoughts

This is a space for me to create visual diaries and collages, here you'll find a collection of personal photographs, captured moments, and cherished memories. Complemented by an array of writings, music, and movie stills. This is meant to serve as a help for my artistic research as well as to express what resonates with me.

DreamScape 7.19.2023

I’ve set out this summer to create visual diaries of some sort that consist of pictures of taken, events, records that are all personal and writings/music/ movie stills maybe that I fancy at the time. who knows what this’ll turn into, it’s a new type of artistic project for me that serves as motivational artistic research outside of university. So to start here is my undergrad graduation complied into what I wanted aesthetically in which my mother executed flawlessly I may say as she made my ribbon leis and my cap. Also pictured is a graduation card my grandmother gave me that I will cherish forever. This background of clouds was taken yesterday 6.18.2023 at 3:06 pm on an old digital camera during a quick escape after graduation. I also am in love with the sleeves of this dress I wore for commencement 

Under your Spell is a new song I have discovered by Desire while it was made in 09’ it gives me a nostalgic 80s dream pop vibe. Thanks for reading this far!