Hi, my name is Jade Vega and I am a Bay Area based artist.

My work is focused around introspection and memories of my adolescence. The things that inspired me then are my inspiration now as an adult. From that come soft visuals, feminine nostalgia, dreamlike landscapes, and how objects within nature and the everyday can converge and create its own unique visual language. I began my love for printmaking in 2018 and since then it has been my medium of focus while I use paper to create work, I also explore what printmkaing can do on experimental fabrics and other objects. The work I create is born from images I capture in my own personal experiences or gather from my everyday life in order to give it a personal and introspective touch. 



2018-2021    A.A., Studio Arts Solano Community College

2021-2023    B.A., Studio Arts, Museum Studies, University of California,  Davis

Group Exhibitions


Davis, CA, LISTEN TO ME, The Basement Gallery


Oakland, CA, It's Alive, Good Mother Studio 


Davis, CA, Childish Dream, The Basement Gallery 


Davis, CA, Art Free for All, The Basement Gallery


San Francisco, CA, Mission Art and Comic Expo, Evolved SF


Fairfield CA, LOVE, Herger Gallery 



Davis, CA, Rebel in the Underground, co-curated with Emmanuel Camacho Larios and Kaiden Zaldumbide. Showcasing 20 artists:

Mia Rassam ,Linda Hayden, Ellie Shafiei, Qing Wen, Nastassia Choi, Emmanuel Camacho Larios, Meredith Scott, Ben Batom, Katja Zimmer, Chenyang Zhou, Ian Mccue, Zixi Wang, Raji Scoggin, Clariss Bolanos, Emilia Souza, Andrew Thompson, Kaden Ezra Umana, Jasmine Rios, Alice Herbert, Wren Tran


Davis, CA, Childish Dream, co-curated with Emmanuel Camacho Larios and Kaiden Zaldumbide. Showcasing 32 artists: Aramo Olaya, Tom Neill,  Merritt Hill, Kimberly Fuentes, Lorelei Taybi,  Alice Herbert, Lacee Hodge, Edwin Karle,Kathlyn Nicole Periquet, Angel Leong, Nadia Dean,

Noelle Benitez, Linda Hayden,  Ben Batom, Jade Vega, LeeAnne Boot, Jesse Saldivar, Zixi Wang, Trinity Salazar,  Ricardo Ramirez, Breanna Garman,  Cerina Marie Smit, Jasmine Rios, Emilie Kim, Lola Stephens Isabella Terry Dobrovolsky, Shannon Marshall,  Abby O’Sullivan, Neida Cruz, Lina Tellefsen, Indranil Basu, Mia Phan 

Special Projects 


Fairfield, CA, Flores De Vida-Public Mural, Solano Mall


2023     Departmental Citation, Univeristy of California, Davis

2020    Artist Grant, Solano Community College